Athletic Performance Could Hinges on Music – Fact or Fiction?

If I were to take the Rocky franchise at its word I would’ve deduced that sports and music are inevitably intertwined in a mutually supportive marriage. The gruel work ethic showed on the screen accompanied with the emblematic “Eye of the tiger” work up the adrenaline levels even in the severest of movie critics. Obviously, Stallone has a knack for the job, inspiring generations to go to the gym or work their way out of a mudhole. We can agree then, that music creates a vibe that can propel an athlete’s performance whether it’s a regular gym workout or competitive sports.

Crowd Pleasers That Keep the Fire Burning During the Breaks

You might have seen this in volleyball matches or colleague football. The home DJ would recognize when a screamer is cooking and would play out loud a fragment of a killer track to give that extra oomph to the attacking team. For example, squeezing in short jabs of “We Will Rock You” in between serves just as the home team’s libero is about to spike it. Maybe it’s a timeout and all players are fairly worn out, what better way to lift their spirits than let the good music roll? In sports many deadlock situations have been unknotted by a split-second decision, therefore concentration is so crucial that some players need days to weeks to replenish their psychological reserves after a match. The bottom line is, everything that can stimulate the body or spirit emotionally will bring to the fore all the right motives that could otherwise be suppressed by other factors.

How Music Helps Tune Out the Surrounding Noise and What is “tunnel vision”?


Many explosive athletes, such as sprinters or swimmers need to get in the so-called “tunnel vision” state for their short burst of intensive physical performance to be at the optimal level. The kings of the track and the pool Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps have always been oversensitive when it comes to their music. In whatever way, it influences them, it’s clearly working miracles. Why not allow yourself to get psyched up when 10 seconds later everything will be over? When we are emotionally attached to a tune it delivers such a reductive message that in an instant can trigger the mind-muscle connection. No matter the genre, be it rock, pop, rap or other alternatives, to each their own. Nobody judges the winners, right?

The More Vocal the Crowd – the Better Chances of Winning the Supported Team Stands

Stadium crowd

Music as far as sports goes is not only for personal use though, not even by a longshot. At most sports events taking place in the arena-type facilities, the fans like to participate actively and influence the game instead of just watching. In some European countries writing songs about soccer legends runs deep into the sports culture. The mentality of the fans is attending such meets is a bit different – they are not there only to spectate but to celebrate and communicate that to the crowd and sportsmen.

So, what the truly supportive fans would do, when seeing that the odds are stacking against their team, is to come up with unsquashable chants and songs addressed to the players who are merely going through the motions. You will be surprised to learn what revitalizing effects this could have on the athletes. The cogent mind can’t remain indifferent to the urges from the audience. Burned out as one may seem to be they would always respond with a positive reaction. It never comes as a surprise when a home team manages to win, in a case of crowd’s fanatic outburst of support.

Many professional athletes admit publicly in interviews, that no matter hostile or friendly, the singing fans would always be that extra player influencing the game in its every aspect. While that is true, some footballers, for example, express their utter amazement of seeing whole ensembles duking it out, right there in the stadium. However, they all seem to attach big importance to fans’ performance on the stadium, that is their music and choreography.

Music or Muscle – the Battle Is On

If you’re still an unbeliever, I’d dare hazard a guess you’ve seen not one of the million kids trying sports for the first time under the sounds of “Remember the name”. It may seem cruel to go head-first against a brick wall, but as the saying goes “Man is a pupil, pain is the teacher”. After all, there’s “No easy way out”. On the other side of the spectrum – some of the professional sport’s fabled characters are getting immortalized by the songs of devoted fans, which creates an even more alluring atmosphere around the big derbies. And while some of the “oeuvres” that can be heard on the stadiums are rather cheeky playful and even impudent, there are those that inspire patriotism and compassion among many other virtues.