Lifting Weights or Clubbing – Is There Such Thing as Sports Music?

Workout music, girl running

Here we are, in an age of pep talk and motivational montages circulating not only the social media, but the world wide web as a whole. Lead into believing that getting fired up by a catchy tune can increase performance, many sportsmen prefer to get down and dirty in the gym drawing inspiration from their favorite playlist. It’s quite remarkable to see top-tier athletes spacing out while doing their thing, empowered by their wireless headset. For the unbiased observer it’s almost as if they can see the effusion of strength pumping out from bodies so shredded. What exactly is going on under the hood though? And what are some typical examples of workout music?

Workout Music Redefined the Way We Train

Arnold’s golden era of bodybuilding is long gone now, so are the times when “Pumping iron” came out. Times when contenders didn’t need an external source of inspiration to knuckle down and do their routine. Nowadays, gyms without the proper audio system are pejoratively given the swerve by the nitpicky crowd. The audio-aware folks, who go in hard with the intention to hit the iron, generally prefer electrifying tracks that put you right in the midst of the dogfight. The likes of this type have an unquenchable appetite for songs like Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and old-school rap in general.

Like to Play it Rough in the Gym?

Some people really like to push the envelope a bit too hard, driven by thoughts of destroying the competition. Good thing, there are metal bands aplenty to convey such vibe. Off the top of my head come names like Metallica, Disturbed and Rammstein. While songs like “Nothing else matters” and “Enemy” are more than enough to get the blood flowing, there are those, that makes it a whole new balls game by digging into one’s jingoism reserves. A case in point is “Hold Strong” by Rob Balley & The Hustle Standard. The emotional kick is so strong, it’ll probably get you every time when you feel like slacking off.

The Technical Side Brings Music and Workout Together

If you go for rhythm or a steady pace, let’s say during a cardio workout, your best bet would be electronic music. The ever so recurrent motifs, with little to no precipitate changes in tempo, make techno and trance perfect for running. The music of some DJs who know how to drop the bass can be deemed fit for more than one category of specialized training. It’s not just runners who enjoy the low- frequencies climax. More and more remixes of the dubstep genre find their place in the gym and various other sports facilities for that matter. So, these electronically synthesized riffs appeal to a range of sportsmen seeking the state of utmost training motivation.

A Few Honorable Mentions

Since pop and light rock are the bread and butter of modern radio stations, it comes as no surprise that we can hear a fair amount of crowd pleasers in the gym these days. Gym frequenters can come across anything – from hot summer hits to classics as Queen’s “princes of the universe”. Not to mention, there are radios specifically designated to attend to the needs of fitness junkies. What’s more, motivational music compilations abound in the app stores and iTunes. It shouldn’t be a tall order the song prepping for your next visit to the gym.